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Category: Underground » Utility » Computer games » PC games .Airborne-YouTube Airborne is an indie game studio currently based in Leeds, United Kingdom. We are currently working on our first game, The Parkour Initiative, in which you play as a group of parkour athletes who have been captured by a group of mercenaries. You have been tasked with escaping the confines of your cell and finding your way to the outside world, while being chased by enemies who wish to bring you back alive and hand you over to the mercenaries. You'll need to trust your friends to make it through alive, and there are many different ways you can achieve your goal. Follow Us You can still get your signed copy of the Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number art book (below) from the publisher, No More Heroes: Book of Sins, which is at most book stores and online retailers right now.Monday, September 21, 2008 Coldplay - Viva La Vida I’ve always wanted to see Coldplay live (obviously – a band who are totally underrated!*) and after reading about how amazing their shows were during that album cycle I decided to brave the crowds to see them. I wasn’t disappointed. They are amazing! There was a time in the audience where the venue was completely sold out but they managed to squeeze in a few more people so by the time they played the concert was completely full. I found the atmosphere to be rather surreal. A few hours before the show started the front row were still waiting in the (rather chilly) backstage area. When the doors opened everyone seemed to stream in together, slightly frantic and wondering what it would be like to see Coldplay in person. There were quite a few people in town for the soccer and I can’t help but wonder how much the atmosphere would have changed if the music hadn’t been the focal point. Then again, it was such a good show that I don’t think it matters much. The setlist was brilliant and the whole audience was on their feet (well, until Coldplay finished). I’ve never been to a concert where the entire audience sings and claps along to every song. I actually felt really lonely – and it was only because of the sheer number of people in front of me. It’s a pity that this was my first live Coldplay show! I have been listening to